1400 Years of Monastic and Missionary Heritage

The year 2015 will mark the 1400th anniversary of the death of Ireland’s most significant missionary saint – Columbanus. On 11 October 2014 Bishop of Down and Connor, Dr Noel Treanor, initiated a year of celebration of Columbanus’ life, mission and legacy during a pilgrimage to Rome, Assisi and Montecassino. In his homily two days earlier, Bishop Treanor reminded his listeners about the period of religious and cultural formation that Columbanus spent in Ireland. But for Columbanus, holy and focused though his monastic life in Bangor was, it was not enough. So he set off with 12 companions from Bangor Abbey in a small boat bound for France intent on spreading a particularly Irish flavour of Christianity across Europe.

This coming year’s commemorations have begun with a strong ecumenical and international flavour already and these are components that we can expect to see flower through a series of events across Ireland and as far as Italy.

This site has been created to keep everyone up to date on developments and to act as a communication and discussion forum.

Emails in relation to Columbanus and this site can be addressed to celebratingcolumbanus@gmail.com and there is also a Facebook site to support communications and publicity.

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